Mining VS Buying Crypto – I’m Still Conflicted

I’ve been wrestling with this for a long time now and I’m not much closer to a solution either. My goal from the start of this was to stand up a modest mining rig and let it churn away for a while… Come to find out, crypto is VERY exciting and full of opportunity for projects and profits.

With that being said, I prefer calculated risk and, good or bad, the only calculation I could make was what I’ve know forever – the value of real property. In this case, buy hardware JUST in case things go bad so you have something to sell to reduce losses. Makes sense, right? I’ve always been scared of losing money because I may make a bad move, but I think that it’s time to break away from that fear and step into the world of trading very soon because there is just too much awesome oozing from the crypto space to not be a bigger part of it.

How’s that old saying go? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Each one of these comes with an inherent risk and benefit, but don’t ever just take a risk without first understanding fully what you’re getting into. For me it’s taken a solid 4 months for me to understand even a small portion of crypto, but I think the real solution to this debate is to have a good mix of both. After all, we still operate most of our lives off of the archaic system of our localĀ  fiat currency. At some point I’ll have to get comfortable with trading. It’s the “Yin” to the miners “Yang”. Wish me luck.