ITNS Hard Fork Preparedness – From

Here’s a link to a fantastic article written by the famous “Venthos” who runs the mining pool. I know I mentioned it before, and here is yet another example of how much he contributes to the community:
ITNS Hard Fork Preparedness

Did I mention he does this for nothing? I mean, he mines a bit on his pool and gets some kickback per block from mined blocks(duh), but he has the legit lowest fees and I think he deserves some additional compensation. If you’re so inclined, please donate some ITNS to him after the chain is back up and running:

Venthos’ ITNS donation addres: iz5imhe9C7vWnjZtZBFtT8MwNxVuJuryUUHXSAtnWUo93CJzNdZBizHQExPRCHUBi36tk2BcigPAFRDA4cnddGXF1R6j69n3w