HUGE Gains For Miners and Investors!

Been quiet for a couple days here, but the market has been anything but. If you haven’t noticed by now, apparently Bitcoin is looking for 10k again, but I’m still leary due to the way in which the price has surged past any resistance points… A little odd…

On top of that we have so many other alt coins pumping like crazy. Dero and Masari on on a huge price increase, Monero is now approaching $300 per coin, Tron is up over 20% since last week, IOTA and EOS are making big strides, and Ethereum is probably going to break $700 this week at the rate it has been climbing. I need to figure out where all of this is coming from, but in the meantime, I have to go find out why I didn’t buy all these last month and cry a little.

Back on the Mining front, there are several new Alt coins that are beginning their launch – Parsicoin, Intucoin, PidgeonCoin, Xuez, and Loki. They all carry some interesting items from their parent coin that they forked from, but who knows how they will fare in the long run. I would proceed with caution, but if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained!I took a risk mining Dero and Masari for a period of time and woudn’t you know it, they’re my top earners at this time.

Another one to look at is Haven – this on is on a ridiculous pump at the moment, so mine it to sell or steer clear of buying. It’s up 50% in the last couple days to over $5 at the time I’m writing this. It’s an interesting concept as far as holding assets, but time will tell as to whether it will make it long term.

All in all, mining profits are way up, GPU prices are still high, and I’m still not sure if we missed the chance to buy a 6k Bitcoin… What a crazy couple of weeks this has been!