About Me

I don’t like talking much about myself, but here goes:

I’m a newcomer into the crypto space, just trying to learn the ropes. As far as my background in everything else is concerned… You could say it’s quite varied. I’m the son of a carpenter and as such worked the trade for a bit with my old man, but also picked up a nasty habit of working on cars in my spare time. As you could have probably imagined, one thing led to another and I wound up going to college for IT (bet you didn’t see that coming). I completed my sentence… er, studies, and obtained a shiny new position in IT…. where i worked for almost 2 years and was let go after the company ran out of money to keep me on staff. With that blow dealt I ,as you may have expected, went and opened up my own automotive business. I know, it makes total sense! I ran that for about 6 years before the recession hit and all the “fun money” dried up in the area and closed the doors for good.

The TL;DR is that IT is a ridiculous career path where you constantly get downsized, but you’ll eventually find someone that will keep you around after 6-7 years of BS.